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A.I. Apocalypse - William Hertling My Rating: 3.0 Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads During high school, I found myself stuck in the Computer Science major where I learned so many programming languages and computer terms. When I requested - and won - A.I. Apocalypse, I was looking forward to reading it, mainly because it had such an interesting plot. A high school kid creating a virus that eventually takes over the world? Who can give up a book like that? As I was reading A.I. Apocalypse I realized how scary it would be if such a virus existed like it does in the book. Our own computers can be used against us, data such as our date of birth, SSN, and most importantly, our location. There will be no cars, no buses, and most important, no subways, especially if you live in a place like New York City. Thank god these events really can't happen...I hope. The only downside of this book was that the writing wasn't really that engaging. The font also suddenly changes in the first few chapters of the book. Most computer terms were also not explained; I only knew some of them because I learned them at school. If you love action, creativity, and know your computer facts, then this totally is the book for you.