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Nowhere to Hide - Nancy Bush My Rating: 3.5 Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads I wasn't sure what to expect when I won Nowhere to Hide from a goodreads giveaway. As a huge fan of Criminal Minds, Nowhere to Hide seemed like my type of book with mystery, suspense, and a serial killer, but I have never read a novel written by Nancy Bush before. However, Nowhere to Hide managed to surprise me; it had a perfect mix of mystery, romance, and suspense. September had a major crush on Jake for as long as she can remember, but Jake has been with Loni for about twelve years, having broke September's heart in the past when rumors flew around after their one night together. I was always expecting Jake to clarify the many false rumors flying around that hurt September, rumors saying that he only liked her because he likes virgins, but that never happened. That made me feel like something important was missing in their relationship, especially if they didn't confront their past. The whole Rafferty-Westerly family drama situation also left me hanging. We know that September and Jake are a couple at the end of the book, but after the many things that happened (Colin getting shot and Neela nearly getting killed), I doubt their already existing family drama tension will easily disappear. Also, I want to see September apologize to Nigel, Jake's father, for her behavior when she was eleven. I wanted to see them make up, but that never happened. Nowhere to Hide makes me definitely want to check out Nancy Bush's past novel, Nowhere to Run, featuring Liz and Auggie. I want to learn more about Liz since September didn't know her very well and see how deep Auggie and Liz's relationship went. ohdamnbooks: nowhere to hide