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The Next Best Thing - Kristan Higgins My Rating: 3.0 The Next Best Thing is one book that I'll have to think about for awhile. I don't know what rating to give it, a three? A three-point-five? I don't know. Maybe as I analyze it, I'll decide. I sympathized for the main character in The Next Best Thing, Lucy. She was married when she was twenty four for exactly eight months and something days, when her husband Jimmy then got into a car accident and died, making her a widow. It's bad enough that her mother and aunts are all widows, nicknaming themselves the Black Widows, but now, Lucy has to join them. Now five years later, Kristan decides she has to move on, including moving on from her "friend with benefits" man, Ethan, who also happened to be her late-husband's younger brother. I'm quite sure I'm not the only one who has a problem with this. When I read Kristan Higgins last book, Too Good to be True, the main character of that book, Grace, had a younger sister Natalie, who was dating Grace's ex-fiance. That alone disturbed me. Now with Lucy dating her late-husband's younger brother? Ugh. That just doesn't sit well with me. Ethan was the nicest man though. He was there for her to cry on and have fun with when she was moping over Jimmy. (Ever since from the first moment Lucy told readers how they had met, I knew he was in love with her. And I was right.) Even though I was mad at Lucy for not seeing Ethan when he was right there, I couldn't help but actually cry and feel sorry for her. I understood her position and her worries too, especially with the Black Widows and the in-law problems standing behind her. However, it took her way too long to accept Ethan. I also have a feeling that if we met Jimmy, I will hate him. Lucy made him seem all romantic and all, but the discoveries she made about him made me mad. (First he dumped Doral-Anne for Lucy when they were about to get married and then he steals the girl he knew that his younger brother loved away from him. For real bro?) I also understood Jimmy's position (you're in love with the person your younger brother loves, but you love her yourself. It's either you and the girl be happy together or no one is happy. What else is there to do?), but with Ethan knowing Lucy for way longer than he had? Still, unreal. Despite all the good/bad things about The Next Best Thing, I skimmed more than half the book. I skipped the pages talking about the Black Widow's family life (I don't think I'm ever going to breastfeed) and all the non-existent action pages. I feel that Kristan Higgins can get rid of more than a hundred pages easily, it wasn't needed at all. Hopefully Kristan Higgins' next books won't deal with such a ,-ahem-, dating brother/sister ex situation. EDIT; TWO WEEKS LATER: Okay. Now that I think about it, I can't get my mind off this book. In a bad way. I can't get over the title The Next Best Thing. It's degrading, especially for an awesome person as Ethan. It implies that Ethan couldn't be as good as Jimmy no matter how hard he tries, but Lucy should just go for him because well, he's the next best thing. No. Just no. It makes me mad. ohdamnbooks: the next best thing