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Dead Ends - Sandra Balzo Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads I hate it when I start a series and enter it mid-way; whether it is the second book in the series or the fourth book in the series. When I won Dead Ends from a goodreads giveaway and learned that it was the second book in the series, I felt a bit iffy about it. Then when I also first started reading Dead Ends, I automatically knew that the book was not for me. To start with, the first few chapters were dull, long, and boring since I didn't know any of the characters and what was happening. I didn't know any relationships or how the relationships between the characters were unless otherwise mentioned. The vocabulary and words used was also a little too eh for my taste. The writing in Dead Ends was also weird. When I read books, dialogues often begin and end with "...". That was not the case in Dead Ends. Dialogues begin and end with '...'; and excuse me for being petty, but I couldn't stand it since I wasn't used to reading books like that. I have to give Sandra Balzo credit for her book's plot. If I could have ignored the writing, I would have somewhat enjoyed the story.