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Home for the Summer - Mariah Stewart My Rating: 2.0 Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads I have heard about, and seen, Mariah Stewart's romance books around for a long time, so when I won a goodreads First Reads giveaway for her book Home for the Summer, I was elastic. I couldn't wait to find out why everyone loved her. To my surprise, I didn't really like Home for the Summer. The main reason why? There was barely any romance. Home for the Summer is labeled as a "contemporary romance" book. However, in Home for the Summer, there is rarely, if barely, any romance. If you have never read the blurb, you wouldn't know where a sort-of relationship starts until after the first fifty pages. Most of the book talks about Lucy's job, family relations, and small petty problems. The worst part was Lucy's hidden past, or as you can call it, secret (she was raped). It was never revealed until page one-hundred twenty something. It had me going crazy by then, guessing repetitively. I'm guessing that's what Mariah Stewart had purposely aimed to do, and I agree with her method, but I felt that the mystery lasted way too long. I felt that Mariah Stewart could have went with a whole other role dealing with Lucy's secret, but she didn't and that disappointed me. I know next time, if I ever see a Mariah Stewart novel, I'm going to be very iffy about it. People say Home for the Summer isn't as good as her other novels, but I wouldn't know since this is the first book I've ever read written by her. I'm not sure if I'll ever check out her other books ever again. ohdamnbooks: home for the summer