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One Good Friend Deserves Another - Lisa Verge Higgins My Rating: 3.0 Obtained: Through Goodreads First Reads One Good Friend Deserves Another is a light, fluffy, fun chick-lit book to read. Even though I'm a teenager, and I think this book is aimed towards adults, I enjoyed reading it. I'll flip through the pages breathlessly, anticipating and enjoying all the drama and anxious to know how the book ends. Lisa Verge Higgins really knows how to write. She drop something shocking on readers at the end of one chapter - then in the beginning of the next chapter, change point of views to one of the other three best friends. Her technique in writing her book made me read on, wanting to know what happened to that particular character after that particular shocking scene. One thing I don't get is why the book is called One Good Friend Deserves Another. Sure, a main part of the book is about friendship, but if you think of the overall story and plot, it is mostly about the four best friends' relationship dramas and nothing else. And on an added note; I really hope Wendy gets her happily ever after (with Gabriel). They were so good together! ohdamnbooks: one good friend deserves another