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Seraphina - Rachel Hartman My Rating: 2.5 I have a feeling that many people will attack me for saying this, but I didn't enjoy reading Seraphina. It makes me feel weird since everyone else loved reading Seraphina, constantly goes on and on about how good it is, and I don't quite feel the same way about it. It seems like I'm reading a completely different Seraphina than everyone else. One of the problems I had with Seraphina was all the religion, philosophical, and political things that went along with it. I had to constantly flip back to the cast of characters and glossary section in the back of the book to look up the terms being rapidly thrown at me. It got so bad that when I saw a term I didn't recognize, I just ignored it and read on, which is never a good idea. Another problem I had with Seraphina was the pacing. The world and the politics were all introduced in a fair pace, but Rachel Hartman didn't make any real action happen until after one-hundred and sixty pages. One-hundred and sixty pages of nothing really happening. By then, I was tired and too moody to like Seraphina. I also liked Seraphina, but didn't really connect with her. She's brave and headstrong, but the way she handles things made me iffy. I didn't really feel for her or care for her. When Okra gave Seraphina that much needed lecture, I couldn't help but cheer for Okra. However, I have to give out major credit to Rachel Hartman for her fantastic world-building and her unique dragons. I can picture Rachel Hartman's unique world: with the fear of dragons that can take human shape forms, quigutls (dragons that can't transform), half-dragons, and Seraphina's own dream landscape. It had me stunned, awed, and gasping in shock. You can tell that Rachel Hartman covered up everything in her unique world. I might give the next book in the series, Dracomachia, a chance, but it's definitely not on my to read immediately list when it comes out. Hopefully it'll be better and I'll get it more since I understand the world a little better after reading Seraphina. ohdamnbooks: seraphina