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Hourglass - Myra McEntire My Rating: 4.0 Let me tell you straight up: I could not put Hourglass down. At all. When I had to do my chores, I ended up doing them half-completely while reading Hourglass at the same time. I died a little in the inside when I finally had to put the book down to focus on my dreaded task. The thing that surprised me the most about Hourglass was the beginning chapters. I read the last sentence of a chapter, turned the page, only to quickly flip back and reread the last sentence again since the first sentence of the next chapter gave me quite a shock - in a good way. This happened at least four times. I love how Myra McEntire combined the ability to see ghosts with the concept of time travel. In her unique Hourglass novel, Emerson can see ghosts or ripples through time, as this book calls it. To make things even more interesting, Emerson can travel to the past since she sees time ripples from the past. That's the main reason I gave Hourglass a rating of four - along with how Hourglass captured my attention throughout the book. I liked Emerson well enough, but I couldn't really tolerate her whenever she sees Michael and only thinks of him and his mouth. I get that they have this special connection, but it's a little too much. She becomes a total ditz whenever he talks to her and I'm just like geez girl, I know you like him a lot. But grow up! Emerson ogled over Michael's perfect mouth so much that I forgot how he looked like. All I could think of was a pair of lips whenever he was brought up. That's how bad her obsession is. I also hated how Emerson let her lost memories take complete control over her. My parents never died in a horrible accident so I might not know how horrible it is, but why let something that already happened scare and hurt you? Discover it and learn it, and best of all, overcome it so people (Jack) can't use it against you. I love how Myra McEntire kept the Hourglass company a mystery until more than half of the book. However, I disliked Michael's reason for why he and Emerson couldn't be together anymore. (They can't be together because apparently, he will die in the future. When Emerson has the power to travel back to the past and save him. Huh.) It was cliche. It also made me think that Myra McEntire could do better. I will definitely check out the next book in the series, Timepiece. I hope it is as good as Hourglass. ohdamnbooks: hourglass