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Anna Dressed in Blood - Kendare Blake My Rating: 3.5 I don't know if I'm hard to scare or if I'm completely fearless, but the thing is Anna Dressed in Blood never creeped me out or scared me. Not one bit. Not the nasty descriptions of the chopped up meat, not the ghostly images, nothing. No, I took things with how it was and just went with the flow. I'm rarely read any horror books unless my school required me too, so I'm not used to reading books about "ghostbusters", unless you count me watching television shows like Supernatural. However, I really enjoyed Anna Dressed in Blood and couldn't tear my eyes off it. It was full of mystery and suspense, a lot more than your typical love story. However, I found it a little weird that Cas and Anna fell in love. Cas was meant to kill Anna since he's a ghostbuster, but for some reason, Anna couldn't/didn't kill Cas. They both fell in love, but it's a creepy love since Anna can summon purple black veins and oil drop eyes on her pale white skin any time she wants. Also, a human-ghost love can never work out if you really think about it. It also didn't help how Anna did a complete 180 and was ridiculously nice at the end. I was like who is this Anna? The whole villain thing was unexpected, which was nice. Anna Dressed in Blood literally had my mouth hanging wide open when the villain appeared; I was so not expecting it. However, I think I'm a little more disturbed about the fact that it ate Tybalt. Poor kitty (even though I never really like cats to begin with). One thing I noticed in Anna Dressed in Blood is that Kendare Blake is not afraid to use the word "fuck" unlike several other young adult authors. It's real, it's realistic, and teenagers certainly use the word fuck. It also helps show Cas' anger at certain subjects. Throughout Anna Dressed in Blood, I couldn't help but cringe multiple times. (When Mike hit Cas on the head and threw him in Anna's house, when Will stole Cas' knife, and when Tybalt was eaten.) I wanted to skip ahead and find out what happened and if everyone got out of the book safety, but forced myself not to skip ahead. It was plain agony reading each page, not knowing what would happen to each of the characters. I definitely look forward to reading Girl of Nightmares, the book I already brought along with Anna Dressed in Blood. A lot of people really loved it, so I have a good feeling that I will really love it too. All I have to say to Kendare Blake is please please please don't make this into a series where Anna somehow becomes human again so she can be with Cas. Please. ohdamnbooks: anna dressed in blood