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Such a Rush - Jennifer Echols My Rating: 3.0 I love Jennifer Echols' books, each of them make me crave for more. A lot more. I liked Such A Rush; however, it was definitely not in my list of my top favorites written by Jennifer Echols. Such A Rush didn't give me that satisifying ending and had me going what the hell? throughout the book. Let me start with the main character, Leah. She tells us that people view her as a slut just because of her gorgeous hair (although I got a feeling that she has a gorgeous face as well). Leah is dirt poor, being the one who supports her mother and pays the rent. Boys hit on her all the time, digging her. Despite that, Leah claims she isn't a slut. However, Leah always wears very revealing clothes such as a short short short short-shorts and a revealing top. How does that help readers' opinion of her? Leah also dislikes her mom, which I can understand. However, it doesn't help when she does the same things her mother did, and knowing that it was the same things her mother did. I'm just thinking Leah, why can't you just crawl out of that vicious cycle?! And then there's Molly. I don't know whether to like her or hate her. Leah's feelings towards Molly and Molly's attitude is constantly going up-down, up-down. At times I feel like Molly sincerely hates Leah and wants to ruin her and at other times, I feel like Molly is misunderstood. Um, what's going on? The ending result of their friendship didn't even make sense. I really regret to say this, but I'm glad I never brought Such A Rush like I was planning to when it first came out. Maybe I'll buy it a year later when it comes out in paperback, but certainly not now. Hopefully, Jennifer Echols' next book will be a lot better than Such A Rush. ohdamnbooks: such a rush