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Laguna Cove - Alyson Noel My Rating: 3.0 I remember reading Laguna Cove several years ago when I first finished Alyson Noel's Saving Zoe and loved it. I can't believe that it's been more than four years already and the only reason I'm reading Laguna Cove again is because of Forever Summer, which contains two of Alyson Noel's novels: Laguna Cove and Cruel Summer.Laguna Cove, to my disappointment, has the two most common topics in young adult novels: new girl in a new place starting all over again and cheesy romance. (And to think four years ago, I was a major fan of these kind of books.) Anne is new to California and misses her old hometown. However, she moves on, meets some new friends Jade and Lola, gains a boyfriend Chris, but also angers Ellie (who has a crush on Chris for a very long time.) Plus, there's a little surfing mixed in. Laguna Cove is lacking in the romance department in many ways. I was hoping there was going to be a special kind of plot twist for Lola (saying that Diego actually wasn't gay and was claiming he was gay so he could be closer to Lola. Then Lola will have to choose between Dean and Diego, but sadly that never happened even though it was hinted at). Chris and Anne also got over their fight quickly at the end without any explanation, leaving me clueless and disappointed since I expected more. It even left Ellie's situation dangling. (Will Ellie ever give Duncan a real chance? And what's with Ellie getting over hating Anne all of a sudden anyway?)I'll recommend this book only if you like a quick light read with a cliche storyline. ohdamnbooks: laguna cove