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The Raven Prince (Princes Trilogy, #1) - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 4.5 Oh my god. Wow. Woowww. The Raven Prince is so good that I will read it over and over again. Wait. Never mind. Scratch that. The Raven Prince is a book I already read over and over again in the sort span of two days. In fact, while I was in the middle of reading it, some scenes were so terrific that I reread the last couple of pages right that minute, again. Every single page is perfect. Oh, Elizabeth Hoyt, what have you done to me?! The Raven Prince is something new, refreshing, and will leave you wanting more. A lot more. It contains a unique story on a widow and an earl - how they fall in love - and struggle with society's views on it. The earl fears his love for Anna - the widow - so he decides to go to a brothel (hooker place in old-time term) to forget about her. Angered, Anna decided to actually do something about it. The consequences? Well, they were worth it. I'll leave it at that. Every chapter begins with an short excerpt of The Raven Prince, a fairytale, and then continues to story of Anna and Edward. I love the structure. Both stories made me want more.Like in The Leopard Prince, the characters in The Raven Prince are far from perfect. Anna is a small (I like to think of her as petite) original girl, nothing special. Edward is a tall man with smallpox scars on his face and body. Both of them had tragic pasts: Anna's dead husband had cheated on her when he found out she couldn't conceive and Edward discovered that his wife hated him for his scars all along when she died during childbirth. Both Anna and Edward are flawed, and readers will love them for it. I know I do. They are annoyingly perfect for each other. Now that I'm done writing my review, I'm going out to Barnes & Noble as soon as possible just to get my hands on a copy of this book. The Raven Prince is well worth my money. ohdamnbooks: the raven prince