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Abandon #2 - Meg Cabot My Rating: 3.0 Underworld was a bit like Abandon, but not as much. Like Abandon, Underworld doesn't go right to the action straight away, but readers didn't have to wait as long for the action like how they did for Abandon. However, I feel Meg Cabot could do better. Pierce wasn't as selfish as she was in Abandon. She doesn't only think for herself, but thinks for John too. However, Pierce is still the dumb heroine. Even though she's targeted by thousands of Furies, Pierce manages to be clueless and walk around alone like nobody wanted her dead. No offense to Pierce, but Grandma Pierce is right, Pierce is stupid. I didn't really get the romance. At the end of Abandon, it appeared that Pierce liked John, but certainly not loved him. (Especially loving him so much she'll have sex with him, fully aware that she have to stay in the Underworld forever after that.) In the beginning of Underworld, Pierce claims she loves him. Um, am I the only one missing something here? And the whole Fury thing was expected (at least I expected it.) To Furies being unkillable to suddenly - oh wait! There's a way to kill a Fury! I mean, of course there's a way to kill the Furies or how else will Pierce and John obtain their happily ever after? I'm disappointed that Meg Cabot never explained what the Furies did that was so horrible to John that it left multiple scars on him. I have a feeling that we'll never find the answer to that question. Despite the fact that I enjoyed reading Meg Cabot's other books, the Goddess Interrupted series and the Everneath series tells the story of Persephone a whole lot better with better romance and action. Maybe Awaken, the last book in the Abandon trilogy, will somehow be a lot better. ohdamnbooks: underworld