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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Beth Fantaskey My Rating: 3.0 After hearing amazing things about Jessica's Guide to Dating On the Dark Side and how romantic Jessica and Lucius' relationship was, I had to read the book since I'm a romance freak. To my disappointment, it wasn't as good as people said it was. In fact, I liked the first half of the book, but it got boring and tedious at the second half. The story is not complete original; it's a typical book about a teenage girl finding out she has a whole other identity she has never known until now. In this case, she's a vampire, a royal vampire to be exact. Years before, a pact was made where her vampire bloodline would marry another vampire bloodline to end a long going war. Her fiance, Lucius Vladescu in this case, comes to her, unexpectedly, to complete their pact. Serious question: What's with every guy in young adult paranormal books claiming they love you, but can't be with you, so they date some random slut? Then when they change their mind and want to be with you, you take them back without a second word to them? I mean, come on! Lucius dating Faith was so damn random, fooling around with her and wanting to have sex, while he "loves" Jessica. Then when everything is solved, Jessica takes him back without a second word. What?! If I was her, I'll totally dump Lucius, even if I was deeply in love with him. If he was deeply in love with me, he wouldn't go date someone else in the first place. That brings me to Lucius. I don't understand him. He falls for Jessica, then wants to save her life, so he decided the best thing to do was get slutty with a cheerleader, while can't help himself but flirt with Jessica too. Really? When did royalty get this low? Even his redeeming factor of using cute old-time vocabulary can't help him in this case. Just for the record, the title: Jessica's Guide to Dating On the Dark Side is very misleading. She uses her book Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire's Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions like a total of four times. I kept waiting for her to use it a lot, but that never happened. Also, Jessica and Lucius never dated. It goes like this: Lucius appears, Lucius courts her, Lucius gives up and dates Faith, Jessica jealous, they are apart, and then they get together. No dating whatsoever. I doubt I'll read the sequel, Jessica Rules the Dark Side. I feel that there's really no need for a sequel and I'm dreading to read more of Lucius. I don't understand how anyone thought that Jessica and Lucius' romance was romantic at all. ohdamnbooks: jessica's guide to dating on the dark side