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Cruel Love - Kate Brian My Rating: 4.0 Wow. What a way to end the Privilege series. As of now, Ariana has killed four people (Kaitlynn, Kiran, Lexa, and Dr. Meloni) and unsuccessfully tried to kill one just in the Privilege series, not counting the book Last Christmas or the Private series. Just wow. The impact she made on people throughout the Privilege series would leave them shocked to finally find out her true identity and what lengths she had to go through to keep her identity hidden. Poor Jasper. He was one of my top book crushes (and if you know me very well, you'll know that I have very few book crushes). I loved him ever since we really got to know him in the last book, Sweet Deceit. Jasper would go through the lengths of the world for her; he even packed up his bags and was waiting for Ariana at the airport when she told him to without a single question. That's how much he loves her. After he finds out the truth, I bet he'll be devasted, probably to the point of getting a mental problem. He'll finally know that Ariana did intend to kill him that Stone and Grave party night when Lexa threw herself off the roof, not kidding around like she had told him. He'll probably kill himself for the fact that he slept with her and even showed her off to his family. And Ariana's friends. That letter she wrote to them at the end will kill them. They'll put two and two together and know that she's the reason why Lexa died. And her wish for Soomie to be president of Stone and Grave? Wow, that's the last straw. Poor Palmer. Ever since the beginning of Cruel Love, he knew something was fishy about Ariana, especially after he saw how Ariana reacted to Kiran's death. I feel sorry for him for the fact that he dated her and even dumped Lexa for her. What's even more amazing was that I was cheering for Ariana while I was reading the Privilege series, even though I knew how many people she killed. She was smart, cunning, and perfectly calm on the outside. She lied her way through and planned everything out to the smallest detail. It wasn't soon before you root for her, hoping she gets her own happy ending, but as everyone should know, everything comes with a price. And hers is death for she caused many other people' deaths. It's actually scary reading a book told from the point of view of a psychotic murderess teenager because you never thought you'll actually root for them. Ariana should have gotten everything she had ever wanted, but she was just too greedy. She managed to avoid Dr. Meloni, but no, she has to get her revenge for how he treated her in the first book. And Reed. She could have just left Reed alone after spotting her, but no, Reed ended up to be Ariana's ultimate demise. ohdamnbooks: cruel love