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It Had to Be You - Sabrina Jordan My Rating: 2.0 My Rating Four/Five Years Ago: 4.0 I remember when I read It Had to Be You about four years ago and loved it. Obsessed over it. Goshed about how cute it is. Even gave it a high rating of four out of five. Now several years later, I can see that the books I prefer to read has drastically changed. This time, I disliked It Had to Be You. Let's start with Emma. From the first several few pages where she was introduced, I couldn't help but cringe in horror. Emma tells us straight up that she cares a lot about clothes. She's a girly-girl, always planning her outfits. That's where my problem with her starts. Every time she meets her crush Kyle, she complains that he always sees her at her absolute worst. Emma complains on and on about how she'll have to impress him next time with better clothes. She even worries that Kyle would like her best friend Caitlyn because she's prettier than her. Um hello? Guys shouldn't just care about your looks, they care about your personality too, and I'll say Emma has the personality of a first-class brat. Yes, I still love the Dear Daisy and Romeo14 concept in It Had to Be You. (Kyle being Romeo14 asking Dear Daisy, who is Emma, for advice about a girl, who happened to be Emma, is too cute.) However, that concept alone doesn't satisfy me since I hated Emma's personality. She's way too shallow for my taste. I'll recommend this book only if you can stand to read a really shallow main character and a cute love story. ohdamnbooks: it had to be you