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Until I Die - Amy Plum My Rating: 3.0 Wow. That's all I have to say for the cliffhanger ending. Just, wow. Until I Die is better than Die For Me in several ways, but I still found it a little bit slow. Why is the book titled Until I Die? Well, in Until I Die, Kate and Vincent are working together to find a solution for Vincent to resist the strong urge to die to save someone else until Kate grows old and dies, hence the book title Until I Die. First thing I have to talk about is the beautiful cover. Damn. Look at it. Seriously, look at it! The setting just enchants me - a dark alley in Paris where a girl, I'm assuming Kate, is walking through it in a flattering dark blue dress. The cover alone just makes me want to buy the book, much less read it. One thing I really noticed while reading Until I Die is how Amy Plum makes the Parisian setting a major theme in her novel. Readers are introduced to even more places, described in great detail. I don't know much about Amy Plum besides the books she writes, but it seems like either a) she did major research on famous locations in Paris before writing her books or b) that she lives in Paris herself and experienced the places upfront. The descriptions are that enchanting and seemingly accurate. The one person who majorly annoyed me in Until I Die was Georgia. Have you noticed that most of the time, Georgia was the one who caused the most problems and need the most rescuing? (Lucien wanting to kill her when Kate consisting warned Georgia about him, Georgia suddenly into Arthur, the feud with Violette, and Kate having to save Georgia's life constantly.) However, I do admire Kate and Georgia's strong sisterly bond although I do think that Georgia gets ahead of herself way too often for my liking. Until I Die developed my gripping feeling about Jule's strong feelings for Kate. I personally think that Jules likes Kate a lot more than a friend. "Kate," he [Jules] said, weighing his words. "I care about you. You don't even know how-" He cut himself off before he could finish and placed his hand on mine. I felt its warmth for one long second before he squeezed tenderly and moved it back to the steering wheel. "And what you're doing right now scares the hell out of me. Swear that you will not put yourself into a dangerous position like that again. Not by yourself. Not without warning one of us what you're doing." (page 252) That sounds like something someone who feels like more than a friend will say to Kate. It also doesn't help that Jules keep flirting around with her and doesn't have a serious girlfriend. Again, like in Die For Me, I don't really feel for Kate and Vincent's relationship although I try to. To me, they are just together. That's it. Sure, they go on very romantic dates and risk their lives for each other, but I don't feel that special spark I do when I read other books about other couples. I want Kate and Vincent to end up together, but I still don't get why they're with each other the first place. I was definitely check out the last book in the series, If I Should Die, needing to see if Vincent somehow survives and if Kate and him will end up together. I'm also hoping to see if the mysterious book cover will also be breathtaking like Until I Die's. ohdamnbooks: until i die