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Tempest - Julie Cross My Rating: 3.0 I'm a huge fan of time travelling books, especially when it deals with exploring the unknown, so when I saw Tempest on the shelves with it's gorgeous cover - and found out Tempest was based upon time travelling, I just had to get my hands on the book. However, then I noticed its low ratings and bad reviews on goodreads and doubted that I should ever try it out. However, I'm glad I did because it kept me entertained. Despite what other people say, I had no problem at all reading Tempest. I didn't stop reading it because it got boring, draggy, or too tedious, no, as I read on, I got more and more interested in the story. There were, however, a few problems, but lets start with the good things first. I think Julie Cross' time travelling theme is very unique. Jackson can go back in time, but the things he does in the past doesn't change the future. (He discovers later that he's been making half-jumps all along, which is why the things he did never changed anything.) I've never heard of that concept before and I think it's very unique and automatically got me thinking. Say, if I wanted to spy on someone, I can jump into the past, spy on them, and if they catch me spying, I can just jump back to the future and they wouldn't have known that I was spying on them in the future. What Julie Cross can do better is develop her characters more. I feel like I'm just going along with the flow when I read Tempest; I can care less if Jackson or Holly dies because they don't feel real to me. They simply react according to the plot. I have no idea what Jackson and Holly see in each other; it's just like the idea of them too deeply in love gets pushed at you continuously that you just think Jackson and Holly are deeply in love. That's it. I also wished the whole jumping timeline concept would be explained more in detail. I never the whole timeline thing, making new timelines and timelines colliding; can Julie Cross get into it with more detail? And how do half-jumps and full-jumps effect those timelines? Some answers will be nice, hopefully in the next book. The only thing that annoyed me is that Courtney's statement, "But we never meet here. I usually go to see you," (page 234) is never explored. When nineteen year old Jackson jumps back in time to visit his fourteen year old sister when she had cancer and was nearly on her deathbed, he tells her, "Shh, it's okay. It's really me, just older," in which she responded with the above statement, hinting that she can jump through time in the future and see the older Jackson. That was the one and only time anything close to that got mentioned and Tempest left me disappointed that we never explored Courtney's statement. Hopefully Vortex, the next book in the Tempest series, gets better and answers all my questions. ohdamnbooks: tempest