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Eve (Eve, #1) - Anna Carey My Rating: 3.5 I wasn't sure what to expect from Eve since the reviews on the book on goodreads wasn't that great. However, I wanted to read Eve, since like every other book I wanted to read, it had a gorgeous cover. Once I started Eve, however, I couldn't help but enjoy - and be frightened - of the world Eve lives in. Eve wasn't that good, but I don't think it deserves two star ratings either. I personally enjoyed the book because of the unique dystopian world in Eve. A plague has erupted through America, killing off millions of people in the population. Eve and several other orphaned girls has been promised a new life in the City of Sand, a city rebuilt to fight off the plague. When Eve discovers her true purpose a day before the graduation (that she won't be going to the City of Sand but be sent to give birth to babies to feed the dying population), Eve manages to escape. The world outside the one she knew is a dangerous place where savages fight for themselves and orphaned girls and boys are captured by the king's troops and sent back to work. If I lived in Eve's world, I doubt I can survive for a day. Eve is, simply put, an idiot. I understand that she's been sheltered almost all her life, but to not understand the basic things is stupid. Who pets a wild baby bear cub? Everyone should know that when there's a baby bear, there's always a momma bear around, watching over the baby bear. It's like in every movie and book known to man. And how about when Eve sent that message to Caleb that got people killed? (More than two people in fact.) It's like, can't you just ask if you can do that instead of being so damn selfish? I liked Caleb. He's nice, smart, can hunt, and is mature. However, I thought that Eve and Caleb's romance developed a little too fast. One second they were getting along, the next Eve was falling hard for him, even though for her entire life, she has been taught to hate guys. Not to mention Eve is her school valedictorian, meaning she should know better than anyone not to trust guys. If Anna Carey put a little more time on when Eve and Caleb's relationship started to bloom, then their relationship might be a bit more believable to me. I will check out Once, the next book in the trilogy, just to see how Eve and Caleb toughens it out. Hopefully Eve can learn from her mistakes, suck it up, and grow up. ohdamnbooks: eve