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Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James My Rating: 3.5 Practice Makes Perfect is a short simple book filled with lots of romance, angry fights and retorts, and job issues. The ending is also extremely satisfying. That is probably the reason why the book is just so good. Payton and J.D. are complete opposites, Payton is in the middle class, J.D. is rich. Payton is a Democrat, J.D. is a Republican. Payton lives in a small apartment, J.D. has a house of his own, etc. They both are, however, lawyers that work extremely hard to become partners and have been fighting constantly over the last eight years. When it's announced that only one person can be made partner - either Payton or J.D. - then the war between them really starts. I love the scenes when Payton and J.D. are constantly fighting or arguing. (I extremely loved the scene where Payton purposely spilled coffee all over J.D.'s suit out of anger in front of him and his revenge scheme that got her naked butt shown in front of the entire courtroom.) The two are civil outside the office, where everyone can see them, but when alone, they go all out. It's so cute how they slowly come to terms with their real feelings. I also loved how J.D. changed throughout the book. J.D. grew from an ignorant, "I'm so over everything" kind of guy to a guy that recognizes and actually does something with his feelings with a little bit of his best friend Tyler's help. If J.D. just did nothing - well, there won't be a happy ending there, would it? And Ben? I think Ben totally deserved what he got. Enough said. ohdamnbooks: practice makes perfect