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Legend - Marie Lu My Rating: 3.5 Legend shares a theme like every other dystopian book out there: how wicked/controlling the government really is. (But then again, the definition of dystopian is technically a controlling government.) Told in two different points of view in the form of characters Day and June, Legend tells a story of how a well-trained prodigy and a guy on the run happen to meet, face off, and discover how deep their government's secrets run. Despite the good story, I have to give Legend a 3.5/5.0 since it's cliche in the dystopian genre. There's really nothing new introduced, and it doesn't help that I figured out the rest of the plot once I've finished reading one-third of the book. There's a controlling government with big secrets, backstabbing best friends, ninja-like fighting, and of course, blood, which is truly typical for a dystopian novel. One element that Legend was missing that all other dystopian novels had was the history behind the government or the group that has power. Every other dystopian novel I've read (The Hunger Games, Divergent, Enclave, Unwind, etc.) has a lot of history how the government came to be, but in Legend, there was none, leaving me curious. Hopefully this issue would be explored in the next book. The two main characters, Day and June, weren't really that realistic too. Yes, Day's and June's personalities were flawless, but it's hard to believe fifteen year old children can climb tall buildings in seconds, throw knives with perfect precision, and hardly get hurt at the most dangerous moments, even if they were trained to do so ever since their birth. I think Marie Lu should make her characters a little more humanly flawed so they are more believable. The character that had me screaming the most in Legend was Thomas. Once I found out what he did (which is kill Metias under Commander Jameson's orders), I could only stare in disbelief as he tried wooing June, Metias' little sister, and tried kissing her. Metias was the one who rescued Thomas from the slums by persuading the Republic to give Thomas a high ranked official job instead of being homeless, the one who watched out for Thomas, and Thomas had killed Metias without a lingering doubt. If I was June, I'll kill Thomas the first opportunity I got. Overall, I'll read the next book in the series Patriot, just to see what happens to Day and June. I'm also very curious to find out how Thomas is dealing with Day's betrayal. ohdamnbooks: legend