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Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer My Rating: 2.5 Nightshade was such a disappointment. I borrowed it from the NYPL after reading the intriguing blurb, and couldn't bear to start reading it in fear of enjoying it too fast once I've started reading the book (a personal book fear of mine). When I finally decided to read it, Nightshade disappointed me. A lot. Okay, more than a lot. The first three chapters started off awesome - Calla, alpha of the Nightshade pack, broke the Guardian laws (laws that tell wolf-humans how to live and what their job in life is) to save a hiker, who later turns out to go to her school, because of a strong attraction to him. Readers are introduced to the wolf alpha structure and Ren, the leader of the Bane wolf pack. Then the book started going downhill. The book dragged on and on going through unneccessary events like Shay's and Calla's (boring) relationship. The only redeeming quality was Ren, the mysterious player who have been with tons of human girls, but now only focuses on Calla, due to their union (where the young members in the Nightshade pack and young members in the Bane pack merges into one pack.) The thing that annoyed me most in Nightshade was that many important events in the book happened in the beginning of the book (like the names of the Keepers, the wraiths, and the union of the two packs), but they aren't really explained in detail (like what are the Keepers? Why is Calla so afraid of them?) until about one-third of the book. That kept me on guessing and when more new things were also added to the already things we don't know pile, I just couldn't help but stop reading the book and just skimmed the rest. Sadly, I was looking forward to reading about people who can transform into wolves and fell in love with a human, but this book just doesn't do it for me. The thing that sucks the most is that I borrowed the other two books in the Nightshade trilogy from the library today, expecting to like them, but now I'll have to bring them back to the library. I guess this is what you'll call "don't judge the book by it's popularity." ohdamnbooks: nightshade