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Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick My Rating: 3.0 After hearing terrible things about Hush, Hush, about how awful the book was and the terrible abusive relationship between Nora and Patch, I wasn't sure if I wanted to give the book a try. However, I heard several people also loved Hush, Hush too, so in the end, I decided to give the book a try. I'm kind of glad I did. I personally don't view Nora and Patch's relationship as abusive alike a lot of other people. Sure, Patch stalks her and wants to kill her repeatedly (although there's not really a clear explanation on why he does want to kill her), but he never says verbally untruthful hurtful things to her and ultimately changes his mind about killing her multiple times. However, I understand what other readers mean when they say that Patch is an abusive jerk, although I don't think he's that bad. I think readers hate the Nora-Patch abusive relationship so much that they bash unfairly on the author, Becca Fitzpatrick, saying that she can't write. No, Becca Fitzpatrick can write; you might not like her ideas/books, but she can indeed write. How else did she manage to get readers to read her book in one or two short days even though they hated her book so much? On the other hand, I have absolutely no clue why Patch likes Nora since Becca Fitzpatrick never mentions it once. I can understand Nora's attraction to Patch since nearly every girl falls for dangerous guys, especially guys that understand you, or in this case, can read your mind. But what does Patch see in Nora? Like Nora said, she's not particularly attractive and she seems like a regular (but very impulse and sometimes an idiot teenage girl) to me. The person I despised the most in Hush, Hush is Nora's so-called "best friend", Vee. Vee is everything I don't want in a best friend. She over dramatizes everything, pushes Nora towards guys that Nora doesn't like, cares more about attracting boys' attention than being a true friend to Nora, doesn't care if Nora is threatened by a guy they barely know claiming that the guy didn't mean any harm and was "just drunk right?", and lastly doesn't care about the sacrifices Nora makes for her. Several times in the book, I just wanted to slap this girl. Why does Nora stick around Vee? Patch was right for this part, Nora doesn't know who to trust. Also, there's one thing that doesn't make sense to me. Actually, two things. One, teachers don't teach about sex in biology class. Hell, they don't even talk about mating in biology class but "reproduction". You talk about sex in health education class. You also don't measure the heart rate of a person in biology class on the dirty lab tables. No, instead, you dissect an owl pellet to see what owls eat in biology lab. I'm a high school senior so I should know. Second, if Nora was a descendant of a Nephilim, shouldn't she be immortal like all other Nephilims because technically, she has Neph blood in her? Oh, and wait, whatever happened to that bomb threat Nora and Vee made? No school closed, investigations, etc.? It just left that situation hanging empty. And then there's Marcie Millar, the popular cheerleader Nora and Vee hates. The fight between Nora and Marcie was like what? They were calling each other names. Not backstabbing, spreading rumors, vandalizing lockers, they were just calling each other one-worded names. And none of the names are curses. That's it. That's how they insulted each other. I'm like um, can you guys come up with better insults? I'm sure you guys are older than twelve. Even a ten year old can come up with better insults. I'll definitely check out the next book, Crescendo, just to see what happens next. Hopefully, Becca Fitzpatrick will put more research into her next book so the book will actually make more sense. ohdamnbooks: hush, hush