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Glimpse - Carol Lynch Williams My Rating: 3.0 When I first saw the breathtaking cover of Glimpse, I just had to borrow it even though I keep telling myself not to borrow anymore books since I have more than fifty books checked out on my card. Glimpse tells you the story in poetry format like Ellen Hopkin's books, and also like Ellen Hopkin's books, you read Glimpse like it's any other original book. Glimpse focuses on two siblings: Hope and Lizzie, who are also best friends. Their father died on riding his motorcycle in a car crash and they were left with their mother who found work as a prostitute. One day, Hope finds Lizzie alone with a gun to her head, about to pull the trigger. And that's when everything falls apart. Glimpse left me disappointed because I figured out why Lizzie wanted to commit suicide the first time she talked to Hope alone in the hospital when Hope was visiting. ("Be careful," Lizzie says. I concluded it was about their mother since Hope only lives with her mother, what their mother does for a living, put two and two together, and got my answer. I was right.) After that, the only thing that kept me reading on was to find out if my theory was right and to see how Hope finds out why Lizzie try to commit suicide. Mrs. Freeman was the character I admired the most in this book. Fat, slow, and having no sort of education, people take advantage of her kindness and rob her out of money. (That scene where that supposed "orphanage" guy tricked/robbed her really angered me.) Mrs. Freeman took care of Hope and Lizzie despite her suspicions of their mother, standing up for Hope and Lizzie when they needed it. I have never met a single adult that would do that when they feel something is terribly wrong, simply telling me to, "mind your own business." Mrs. Freeman was exactly the opposite. I've read other books with a very similar plot as Glimpse (mainly the reason why a certain person tried committing suicide) and Glimpse brings nothing new to that theme. Despite the beautiful cover, I have to give this book a rating of three. It was entertaining while it lasted, but didn't make an everlasting impression on me. ohdamnbooks: glimpse