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Die for Me - Amy Plum My Rating: 2.5 Die For Me was a extremely disappointing read for me. I desperately tried liking/enjoying reading Die For Me, especially after seeing the devastatingly breathtaking cover, but Die For Me just doesn't do it for me. I really tried. I tried so hard that I wandered around for an hour today in Barnes and Noble, trying to decide whether to buy Die For Me in hardcover or not, and the next book, Until I Die, even though Die For Me was not to my liking, but in the end, I sadly couldn't buy the book despite the beautiful cover because the book was that awful/disappointing. Lots of people from goodreads recommended Die For Me and raved on and on about how awesome Die For Me was, how romantic and perfect Vincent was to Kate, and how they couldn't wait for Until I Die to come out (which came out today.) One reason for the mass hype is the setting where the book takes place: Paris. I personally couldn't care less when Amy Plum mentions the famous landmarks in Paris and describes them. To me, I can't visualize a place until I've actually seen it with my own eyes, unless it's some common everyday place. With the Paris setting, I personally feel that Stephanie Perkins describe Paris and it's landmarks a lot better in Anna and the French Kiss than Amy Plum did in her novel.The idea of revenants or zombie-like immortals who die to save other people is unique. Revenants can't resist the urge to save people's lives or else they'll be in extreme pain, and when they do save lives they might die, which was a major problem for Kate and Vincent because Kate's parents both died in a horrible car crash. Kate doesn't want to watch Vincent and the other revenants dying over and over again after experiencing her parents' deaths.Like any other paranormal book, the good guys (the revenants) have evil enemies, and their enemies is the numa. The numa, who lives for betraying and killing people, tries to kill the revenants. The creative element of the revenants and the numa alone should have made Die For Me an awesome read. However, Die For Me just mainly focuses on Kate's and Vincent's relationship until the very end of the book - when suddenly, out of no where, they fight a massive battle with the numa and defeat Lucien, the leader of the numa. And time for the big question: why would a sexy guy with olive skin and jet-black hair who captures the attention of everyone in the room instantly, who never loved any girl for more than fifty years, want to be with a plain girl like Kate? I even read the extra story on Amy Plum's website written in Vincent's point of view when he met first met Kate (which was a lot earlier before she actually met him) and it sounds like Vincent only likes Kate because of her sadness over her parents' deaths and her looks. I will check out Until I Die as soon as I get my hands on it from the library, desperately hoping that it's a lot better than Die For Me, so I can actually buy the series. Hopefully Amy Plum won't disappoint me again in Until I Die. ohdamnbooks: die for me