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Spell Bound - Rachel Hawkins My Rating: 3.5 Before I started reading Spell Bound, I committed a terrible mistake I shouldn't have ever done: right after Spell Bound came out at around March, I read some major spoilers about the book because I couldn't get Spell Bound until two months later and I wanted to see what happens next because of that huge cliffhanger in Demonglass. (The spoilers I read were that Sophie's mother was really a Brannick and that Cal dies at the end of the book.) And that kinda ruined the book for me.Spell Bound wasn't as good as Hex Hall and Demonglass. There was less Sophie Mercer humor that made me laugh and even Archer didn't have as much funny comments as before when they were together. Spell Bound also felt rushed in most action parts (I felt that there could be an extra hundred or so pages in the book) and was slow paced at the parts where Sophie and her friends were planning on what to do to stop the Casnoffs from doing whatever they wanted to do.I also had a problem with the whole Sophie's powers locked situation. The Council locked away Sophie's powers (and it turns out that they purposely want her to regain her demon powers since when Sophie does, the Casnoffs could control her) and Sophie got her powers back way too easy and way too quick. And when the problem with obtaining back her powers arises (with Sophie's demon powers back, the Casnoffs can control her), the problem is easily solved with a snap (best friend forever power) and is never a problem for Sophie again. I feel that there should be more conflict regarding that.Mrs. Casnoff's actions were also too cliche for me. In Spell Bound, Mrs. Casnoff is portrayed as a mess: her blond hair had turned white and is not in that weird hairdo anymore, looks about ten years older, has a stain on her blouse, and is dazed. I could see her role in Spell Bound a mile away when we first saw her again in part two. And I was right about Mrs. Casnoff's new role. (Mrs. Casnoff was the person who betrayed her ultimate evil sister, Lara Casnoff, by helping Sophie bring her into their deaths.)Spell Bound, however, did change my opinion of Cal. In Demonglass, I saw Cal as one of those quiet, neutral, but intelligent types that hardly ever lets people see his real emotions. Simply put, I don't really connect with those kinds of guys and in Demonglass, I could care less for Cal. However, in Spell Bound, Cal's emotions for Sophie were raw and even though Sophie didn't love Cal the way he loved her, he maintains his friendship with her, (even ultimately saving her life in the end. I was very happy when I saw that Cal was a ghost in the end, restoring the island back to its normal self, and hopefully he'll have a happy ending with Elodie). Cal earned my respect in Spell Bound and I just adored him.Torin and Izzy (aka the guy who is stuck in the mirror and one of the Brannicks) were sweet together too. I hope, no I pray, that Rachel Hawkins will write a spin-off series later on with Izzy and Torin as the main characters. Rachel Hawkins hinted that there was something more between them (and I can guess what it is) and I love them both enough to want to know more.Overall, the Hex Hall series was worth the read. It had an overall satisfying ending, romance (that is if you're for Team Archer like me), and closure. Plus, I will definitely try Rachel Hawkin's next book/series just to see more humor and supernatural stuff. I just hope I won't be making another mistake of reading major spoilers though, ruining another one of her awesome books again for me. ohdamnbooks: spell bound