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The Ghost and the Goth - Stacey Kade My Rating: 3.5 The Ghost and the Goth was a quick and funny read, with the extra beautiful cover being an extra plus. The book had me laughing more than the average books I've read in a long time (due to Will and the funny moments where he was talking to the air, ahem, the ghosts.) However, after I finished reading The Ghost and the Goth and started analyzing it, I came up with nothing special about it. The plot was average and has been done many times before, although not as enjoyable. Readers can easily figure out the many ghost concepts in the book such as the "light" and how they can pass through solid objects. The only thing The Ghost and the Goth left me curious about is will Alona and Will ever manage to get together and be a real couple (since Alona is already dead)?To cope with the ghosts and all their chatting voices, Will plugs himself with headphones, a concept I already knew from Evermore. Alona isn't as perfect as she seems, despite her being perfectly put out together on the outside. Alona's mother is desperate for her father to take her back and give her attention, leaving Alona to take care of her drunken medicated mother, another common concept from other young adult books about popular girls with broken families. Despite all these common themes, Stacey Kade manages to keep readers sucked in and entertained in The Ghost and the Goth. It also helps that the story alternated between Alona and Will's point of view during each chapter, giving readers the sense of their feelings and emotions.Unlike other paranormal books, Alona and Will's growing relationship is natural. Stacey Kade doesn't try too hard unlike other authors who force shove (or simply try too hard) their characters' relationships in their readers' faces. Alona and Will's relationship was rocky at first, with Alona wanting Will to help her see the light to move on and wouldn't stop stalking him until he helps her and Will having to deal with his mother thinking he's crazy because he talks to himself, planning to put him into a mental house with the advice from his evil shrink. Alona and Will manages to work together and help each other out, becoming more than friends in the progress.The only thing I'm not satisfied with in The Ghost and the Goth is Joonie. Joonie, who was desperate to bring Lily back to life from her coma, went crazy trying to bring Lily back, not even caring that she was hurting Will in the process. When everything was finally over, it turns out Joonie skipped school, couldn't graduate, and moved away. I couldn't help but be stunned. I was expecting more than Joonie just simply getting up and moving away after everything that had happened. Joonie's situation ended so abruptly that I was left dumbfound.I would definitely read the next book in the series just to see how Alona and Will's growing relationship progresses. Hopefully, it would have more depth than this book so I can give it a rating of 4.0, which I feel the book should totally deserve. ohdamnbooks: the ghost and the goth