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Provocateur - Charles D. Martin My Rating: 2.0 Obtained: Though Goodreads First Reads I normally don't read these kind of books where it's a story of the battle of the sexes using their body, but since I entered a goodreads First Reads giveaway and won, well, why not give it a shot? Despite the heavy topic, Provocateur fell flat for me. The book is told from an all knowing narrator, who jumps randomly from person to person, telling us what the person in general, not what the person is exactly thinking at a scene. If Provocateur was told from the first person, it would be a lot better. Also, the Provocateur is a tell, don't show kind of book. Everything is spelled out; there is literally no excitement, suspense, or real emotion generated from the book whatsoever except small sympathy for the victims of Nadia. I understand why my teachers keep urging me to "show, don't tell" now. Maybe I'm just missing something since goodreads has a very high rating for Provocateur (4.93 rating with 56 ratings). I just know that Provocateur is not my type of book. ohdamnbooks: provocateur