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Sparks Fly with Mr. Mayor - Teresa Carpenter My Rating: 3.5 I don't usually read adult books, especially adult romance books, but once I saw the blurb and skimmed a few pages at the ending, I just had to read this book. Sparks Fly with Mr. Mayor was enjoyable and unique for the most part, and too short to be draggy. (Don't take my word on the "unique" part since I very rarely read adult romance books.)Dani is a single parent living with her little girl, Faith. Her husband Kevin died saving a cashier during a robbery and Dani has been blaming herself ever since, not moving on. Faith, however, wants a man in her life - namely as a daddy. Meanwhile, Cole is a player - he can charm girls and even maintain his friendship with them. He has never fallen in love and can care less about love.Dani and Cole couldn't be any more different, but they match. Sparks Fly with Mr. Mayor tells a sweet story of Dani and Cole running against each other (along with other very minor characters) for the position of mayor and they both develop feelings for one another when they spend time together, learning who the other person really is like.If you wanted a quick, short, but satisfying romance read, you should try this book. ohdamnbooks: sparks fly with mr. mayor