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Queen of the Dead (Ghost and the Goth Novels)

Queen of the Dead - Stacey Kade My Rating: 3.5 I always dreaded reading second books in trilogies - the main reason being that the second book almost always fell under the "second book syndrome." However, for Queen of the Dead, that wasn't the case at all. After Will and Alona technically got together in The Ghost and the Goth, Queen of the Dead doesn't focus on their relationship alone. In fact, it contains many other surprising twists that'll leave your jaw dropping. I really loved Alona in Queen of the Dead. Sure she's still bitchy, but after meeting Will, she toned down her bitchy side quite a bit. I understood her when Alona felt that Will betrayed her (when he was actually listening to Mina's ghost concepts). My eyes teared up for her when that happened because I actually understood her. (If I didn't feel that sorry for her, I would have given this book a rating of three.) If my parents forgot about me two months after I was dead like how Alona's did, I would be very upset too. However, despite how Will ignored some of Alona's feelings, I loved how he stood up for himself rather than falling at Alona's feet like everyone else back when she was alive. Will isn't scared to do what he wants, even though he had a crush on Alona ever since the sixth grade. He stands up for himself and what he firmly believes in. Where can you find a guy like that? The shocking plot twist in Queen of the Dead had me gaping. I'm scared to ask, does this mean that Alona and Will really have a chance to be together? I hope so! (Although it'll be kinda creepy.) ohdamnbooks: queen of the dead