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Robin in the Hood

Robin in the Hood - Diane J. Reed My Rating: 3.0 Two things caught my attention immediately when I first saw Robin in the Hood: the fact that Robin is a fifteen-year-old girl robbing banks and the sentence "he reveals to Robin in between drools: He truly does love her." How could I resist reading Robin in the Hood after reading that? Add the beautiful cover into the mix (although Robin doesn't look 15 on the cover and the guy's hair is kind of weird) and I just had to read it. One thing I was really worried about before reading Robin in the Hood was that Robin will not act her age. I have read a lot of books before with teenage characters that act a whole lot more mature like they were in their late twenties. I shouldn't have worried. Robin acts like a very dramatic used-to-be rich fifteen-year-old girl. I enjoyed her humorous quirks and laughed at the outrageous things she thinks - in a good way. The beginning of Robin in the Hood is so unrealistic. Some clothes and a super fancy car just appears when you need them? The basement happened to be empty? The police happened to not track the car in time? Thank goodness the happy coincidences ended after the first chapter. Another problem I had with Robin in the Hood is that I think Robin and Creek got too serious too quickly in their relationship. I'm not one of those picky people who say, hey, you're only a fifteen-year-old, you can't be in "love" already; I think that sure, fifteen-year-olds can fall in love. It's just that in my opinion, Robin and Creek barely knew each other for a long time before they said their "I love yous" and forevers. I love how the characters in Robin in the Hood were not afraid to curse. Let's face it, every teenager curses at least five times a week. It seems that most young adult authors forget about that or makes up their own curse word so they wouldn't offend their readers, making the book tedious and unrealistic to read. Yes, Robin in the Hood has some curse words, but don't worry, there weren't a lot of curse words used in Robin in the Hood. Overall, I feel that Robin in the Hood was not a "serious" book, but more like a book aiming to make readers smile at the disasters Robin has to venture through throughout the book. However, Robin in the Hood does have a few serious scenes. I wonder if there will be a sequel - Robin in the Hood left off with a cliffhanger. If you want a fun, silly read that will definitely make you laugh, then Robin in the Hood is the book for you.ohdamnbooks: robin in the hood