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Levitating Las Vegas

Levitating Las Vegas - Jennifer Echols My Rating: 1.5 It is bad when the first page of a book you read is full of info-dump. It's even worse when it's done by one of your favorite authors ever. Ever since I've read Going Too Far, I was in love with Jennifer Echols' books. When I see anything written by her on the store shelf that I didn't have already, it's an automatic buy. No doubts, no questions, no second guessing myself. Imagine my surprise when I didn't enjoy reading her latest adult book, Star Crossed, or her latest new adult book, Levitating Las Vegas. Levitating Las Vegas is full of massive info-dumps and telling, not showing, especially in the beginning of the book. The first chapter nearly killed me. The first three pages were full of info-dump after info-dump, then started on the telling, not showing. It took me a very long time to get into reading Levitating Las Vegas because of all the info-dump and the tell-don't-show technique Jennifer Echols chose to write her book with. She wished her dad hadn't changed his name from Stuckenschneider to Starr when he broke into the business. She wished he hadn't drafted her last autumn to assist him in his headlining casino act. He'd said he wanted her to learn the biz so seh could take over as the magician someday. (ARC 1) The two main characters in Levitating Las Vegas, Holly and Elijah, were also simply dumb. There is no other word for it. They both knew that something was wrong at the very beginning, but they simply chose the easy way out and accepted what other people told them. If I was Holly and Elijah, I would investigate, especially since I had the feeling that something majorly wrong was going on. I would bug my parents until I receive some solid answers and I would never give up and just embrace the situation and do nothing. To make matters worse, both Holly and Elijah meet a character that they should automatically know is bad. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out: this guy is cop and turns on his car siren for no reason, keeps making very sexual innuendos towards Holly in front of his friends, stalks Holly around using his police car, uses his gun to shoot a hole in the ceiling, tells Holly that he can show her a good time with his brothers, and did I mention, he tries to rape Holly? How, how, how can Holly and Elijah not realize that he was the bad guy after all that? How?! (This is the part where I tear my hair out in frustration.) "When you meet my brothers, you'll find out what crazy means." He laid her flat on the seat and pinned her waists above her head with one big hand. (ARC 101) The sex scene in Levitating Las Vegas was also awkward, almost as awkward as Jennifer Echols' other adult book, Star Crossed. It came out of nowhere, although I was expecting there to be a sex scene at any moment because of the ARC summary. But the thing is, I've read a lot of historical romances and Jennifer Echols' sex scenes are three times worst compared to them. Her sex scenes literally made me cringe. Like I said before when I reviewed her adult book Star Crossed, I'll say it again here: I feel that Jennifer Echols should just avoid writing more sex scenes. And what is up with that ending? It basically solved nothing. It left me sitting in my chair in disbelief wondering what? I've read through this entire book, a standalone, only to get nothing? No resolutions? No solutions? What?! I mean, like, what?! "It looks like the Rez is back at it."Holly sucked in a breath and felt Elijah's hold tighten around her. She'd thought - or just wished - that their problems with the Rez were over. (ARC 298) Levitating Las Vegas could have been a better read overall if it wasn't full of into-dump, telling and not showing, awkward sex scenes, and a unresolved ending. The story itself was interesting, but all the above factors just dragged down the entire book. If you don't like all the above factors I've mentioned, then Levitating Las Vegas is definitely not the book for you. Effortlessly Reading: Levitating Las Vegas