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How I Lost You

How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler My Rating: 3.0 I'll read anything written by Janet Gurtler. She writes about unique topics, ranging from seeing your best friend hooking up with your mother's boyfriend to a peanut butter kiss killing a guy. When I heard that she was releasing a new book, How I Lost You, I automatically knew that I would read it sometime in the future. Before I start my review though, I want to comment on the gorgeous cover of How I Lost You. I love the strokeable orange spine. (Did I mention that orange is my favorite color, especially that shade of orange?) The pose of the girl and the guy on the cover is also very cute. I will seriously buy this book for the cover alone. "Don't worry, my Skanklet. I have ways of making things happen.""But-" I started to say."Butt," she interrupted, turned, and shook her butt at me as we headed out of the playing area. (6) I don't think the summary of How I Lost You describes the actual book very well. At first, when I first read the summary of How I Lost You, I thought the book was about two best friends who fell for the same guy and their friendship became ruined because of that. I mean, there was so much emphasis on the "Sisters Before Misters" and "Buds Before Studs" part of the summary that what else was I supposed to think? In reality, How I Lost You isn't like that at all. How I Lost You is a story of two best friends - Grace and Kya - and how one best friend, Grace, realized what they had wasn't real friendship at all. Oh, in case you're also wondering this, there is a bit of romance in How I Lost You, but not a lot. "Grace, you're a PAINTBALL PRINCESS.""Kya, you da QUEEN!" I yelled back. It was our version of trash talk. (2) Grace's situation with her best friend Kya reminded me so much of my situation with my ex-best friend. We, Grace and I, were both treated like dirt, to put it nicely. Like Grace, I had to give up a lot of opportunities for my so-called best friend. Like Grace, my so-called best friend made fun of my other friends and people I was close with, trying to completely isolate me from everyone else so she can have me all to herself. Unlike Grace, I've never realized that until uncontrollable circumstances pulled me and my best friend apart. I was so proud of Grace when she finally stood up for herself and what she wanted, instead of letting Kya get her way, again. I love the fact that Grace finally saw through Kya's lies and stopped making half-hearted excuses for Kya. I especially love it when Grace realized that Kya was just using her past to control her and get away with doing self-destructive things. Grace went through a huge character development and I really liked how it progressed. "Don't be," I said without thinking. "Things aren't always the way they seem."My choice of words surprised me.Was I trying to tell myself something? (178) I love that How I Lost You also deals with paintball, a sport I've never read about before. In fact, I've never even considered paintball as a sport and never knew that college paintball teams even existed until I read How I Lost You. If you want to read a book about losing friendships and growing apart from your best friend, then How I Lost You is definitely the right book for you. Don't be fooled by the summary - How I Lost You is definitely not a book focused mainly on romance. Effortlessly Reading: How I Lost You