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Crazy Thing Called Love

Crazy Thing Called Love - Molly O'Keefe I received Crazy Thing Called Love through a goodreads First Reads giveaway. Thank you! My Rating: 3.5 Call me crazy, but I love to read books that break my heart. Books that tug on my heartstrings and makes me feel the characters' pain. Books that I have to put down, take a deep breath, and re-read again. Crazy Thing Called Love is one of those books. Crazy Thing Called Love had a strong engaging beginning, but as I read on, it grew flat. I wasn't really interested in reading about Billy's career, which popped up a lot, once I found out the basic things about it. However, Crazy Thing Called Love picked up quite a bit when Becky and Charlie were first introduced. I absolutely loved and adored Becky. I loved how she took charge of her abusive situation when she was thirteen-years-old and sacrificed herself to protect her little brother Charlie. She didn't have to sacrifice herself, especially since Charlie was technically her half-brother, but Becky did. I love Becky's little wacky escape plans and her never dying determination to get what she wants. When she appeared about halfway into the book, I was immediately hooked because of her and her crazy escape plans. I absolutely loathed Billy at first. He had a kind, pretty, supportive wife who would do anything for him and he decided to look at other woman. Whichever way you look at the situation, he would have cheated on Maddy sooner or later intentionally or not. I wanted Billy to suffer for what he did like how Maddy suffered for all those years. However, as I read on, I started feeling sorry for him and I hated myself for feeling that. (I can't stand cheaters. I don't believe in second chances for them.) I didn't want Billy to end up with Maddy in the end, even though I know they will [obviously], but Billy is the only one who truly makes Maddy happy, so I guess I just have to deal with it. One thing I wanted to see more was the past flashbacks. I want to see how Maddy and Billy's marriage spiraled downward - all the fights, arguments, and events that lead up to the breakup. We are just told that their marriage was failing and all we see is a single fight between them, so I didn't really get the feeling of what was terrible between them. If you want a light, fun read and don't mind reading about giving second chances to a could-be-cheater, then I'll recommend you giving Crazy Thing Called Love a try. Otherwise, don't bother.ohdamnbooks: crazy thing called love