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The Madman's Daughter

The Madman's Daughter - My Rating: 3.0 When I first heard that there was a book coming out called The Madman's Daughter, I just knew I had to get my hands on it. I have a strange obsession with Criminal Minds having watched every single episode of it, and the title alone of The Madman's Daughter made me know that it would be similar to Criminal Minds. The brilliant cover of The Madman's Daughter is a bonus - it fits the book atmosphere exactly. However, upon reading and finishing The Madman's Daughter, the only thought left on my mind is the book could have been so much better. I think it's fairly safe to say that I liked absolutely no one in The Madman's Daughter except for Juliet's father's creations. I liked Juliet well enough in the beginning, but as I read on, I disliked her more and more. Juliet is so judgemental and selfish. It isn't like the island's natives want their deformities the first place. It's not their fault they are like that. I'll understand if Juliet complains about their deformities once or twice or even three times, but to do it repetitively just drives me nuts. Give them a break girl. Juliet also expects one guy to gamble his life for the other guy in the love triangle, not feeling guilty at all when he calls her on it. Montgomery is a coward, and quite possible, a liar. No, scratch that, he is a liar. For a guy who claims that he isn't Juliet's father's servant anymore, he sure doesn't act like it. And for him to do something else that contradicts the claim that he loved Juliet all along? Just, no. And Edward. Oh my god. His behavior just makes me so mad. "If you help me." (page 400) [Edward says this.] I can't give you the rest of the quote because then it'll be a huge spoiler, but Edward is basically saying that he wants Juliet to stay with him his whole life and help him. Excuse me Edward, but the last time I checked, Juliet wasn't your slave. Care to explain? One thing that frustrated me to no end in The Madman's Daughter that I wrote tons of notes complaining about is Juliet's father's behavior. No, I'm not talking about the times he's a madman, I'm talking about how he treated his family. He expects Juliet to forget that he left her and her mother for ten years and dares to say he wants to complete his "fatherly duties." Excuse me sir, but your "fatherly duties" was to take care of your wife and daughter, not leave them for the dead until one of them comes seeking you. I do not like the love triangle in The Madman's Daughter at all. It just wasn't needed. There were pages and pages of pointless oh who do I like more, Montgomery or Edward? I just wished the love triangle situation would end quickly. What do you mean? you ask. The back cover of The Madman's Daughter says 'in love with a boy from the life she lost.' Shouldn't that be Montgomery? I'm sad to say that no, it isn't until the last four-fifths or so in The Madman's Daughter that Juliet realizes who she finally loves. The ending of The Madman's Daughter had a "shocking" plot twist, aka the big reveal, but the thing is, it failed to shock me. In fact, it failed to get any reaction from me. By that point, I was half bored and was just reading The Madman's Daughter because I didn't want to DNF it. I mean, sure, I would have never have guessed that plot twist, but it just failed to get a huge reaction from me. Overall, I was expecting (yes, I know it's never good to have expectations of any kind) to read a suspenseful, terrifying, horror story. I mean, with a title like The Madman's Daughter, how can it be anything but not that? I'm sad to say that if I knew what The Madman's Daughter would really be like before I started reading it, I would have skipped it altogether.ohdamnbooks: the madman's daughter