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A Tale of Two Centuries

A Tale of Two Centuries - Rachel  Harris My Rating: 3.5 I've never read My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, but I've wanted to ever since I first heard about it. I did request the book from the library, but the copy was so ripped and full of mysterious crumbs (were they even crumbs?) that I ended up not borrowing it. When I was offered to read and review the sequel of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, A Tale of Two Centuries, I immediately jumped at the chance to, especially since it looked like you didn't have to read the first book to get the second book, unlike most sequels out there. The relationship between Alessandra and Austin developed a little too fast for my taste in A Tale of Two Centuries. One second they were hating each other like crazy, the next they were hanging out 24/7, eventually landing in a relationship. This all happens in around one week. I'm glad that there were no actual "I love yous" though, that Alessandra realizes that she was falling in love with Austin, but was not yet in love with him. However, their relationship was giving off strong "I can't live without yous" vibes. "Baby, I just found you...you really think I'm gonna let her take you away from me? We'll figure something out, I promise you that." (ARC 276) Another problem I had with A Tale of Two Centuries was the words that were used. Let me explain: Alessandra traveled forward in time to the 21st century, where she meets her older cousin Cat. (Alessandra was originally from the 16th century.) However, sometimes Alessandra understood certain words that people from the 16th century shouldn't have known or understood, such as the word "blush," which is used as being flustered or to redden in this case. There is also the issue of the word "cheat," which was used as someone cheated romantically on another person in A Tale of Two Centuries. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I highly doubt that somebody from the 16th century would understand the context of the word "blush" and "cheat" used in the modern day 21st century without any explanation. (I tried to Google this, but alas, no reliable answer popped up.) Not to mention the fact that Alessandra should also not get the meaning of certain modern days phrases such as "Holy cow, girl," and "pretty hot and heavy." "D-don't call me that," I stammer, blushing all the more from his brazen question. "And I do not blush." (ARC 62) Some things in A Tale of Two Centuries were also so unrealistic. For example, how can Alessandra's cousin, Cat, manage to get Alessandra a spot in her high school in a day without any proper records or documents? I don't know about you, but in New York City, you can't attend/sign up to attend a high school in a day, especially without the proper records and documents. However, despite all these problems, A Tale of Two Centuries was a very fun enjoyable read. I literally couldn't put the book down and get my much needed sleep. I especially enjoyed reading about Alessandra's personal character growth and watching her get her own well-deserved happy ending. In the beginning of the book, Alessandra was a bit annoying; always comparing herself to her cousin Cat and stating how she pales in comparison. Alessandra also hints that she wants more freedom (because women in the 16th century have no control over their life), but she doesn't do anything about it. Luckily, Alessandra slowly grows a backbone with the help of Austin. In the end, Alessandra turned out to be a character I can genuinely root for and like. It is imperative that Austin not see my distress. I want him to think me brave and confident. I want him to be proud of me - I want to be proud of me. (ARC 202) Overall, if you're looking for a cute, fluffy read, then grab a copy of A Tale of Two Centuries. It will definitely be the perfect book for you. Reading A Tale of Two Centuries made me want to grab a copy of My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century asap and read it to see how the series started, even though I already have a strong feeling about what had happened in it. Effortlessly Reading: A Tale Of Two Centuries