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Impulse - Ellen Hopkins My Rating: 2.5 Having read Perfect written by Ellen Hopkins in the beginning of the year, immensely enjoying it, and not knowing it was part of a series, I was elastic to read Impulse. Too bad Impulse, the first book in the series, was disappointing. In fact, I think if I had read Impulse beforehand, I wouldn't have read Perfect at all. We meet Vanessa, Tony, Cara, and Kendra in Perfect, although Vanessa and Tony only play minor characters in Perfect unlike their role in Impulse. I already know Connor dies, but upon reading Impulse I learned more about why he chose to die and saw how heartless Cara is according to him. Vanessa and Tony have deep dark pasts themselves. Vanessa could have saved her bipolar schizo mother, but didn't, landing her mother in the hospital, probably forever. To make matters worse, Vanessa inherited her mother's bipolar traits. Tony was raped as a kid, never recovered from it, and his dad left him when he needed him the most. Vanessa finds relief in cutting while Tony tried to off himself by taking pills. In the beginning of Impulse, I was confused since in Perfect, Vanessa and Tony were together, but in Impulse, Connor and Vanessa was majorly flirting while Tony claimed he was gay. Suddenly, towards the end of Impulse, Vanessa and Tony were deeply in love. I felt like there was a major piece of the puzzle missing. When did they start loving each other like that? Sadly, I felt that Impulse wasn't at all like Ellen Hopkin's other books. It's still a good read, don't get me wrong, but I felt it could be better. ohdamnbooks: impulse