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To Taste Temptation (Legend of the Four Soldiers Series #1)

To Taste Temptation - Elizabeth Hoyt My Rating: 3.0 I wasn't sure what to expect of Elizabeth Hoyt's Legend of the Four Soldiers series after reading her Princes trilogy. Would To Taste Temptation be as disappointing as The Serpent Prince or would it rock like The Raven Prince? After reading it, all I could say was that the book was just okay. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't particularly memorable either. I disliked Emeline's attitude towards Samuel in To Taste Temptation. Just because Sam doesn't know how to act well in London society like Emeline, having came from America, doesn't give Emeline the right to be snobby. Emeline also let something as small and dumb as reputation and rank stop her from loving and being with him, hurting Sam multiple times as a result. She hurt him so many times that I just wanted to slap Sam and be like get over her already! She's not worth it if all she cares about is society's opinion! Even the ending of the book couldn't redeem her for how awful she acted earlier on in the book. I admired Sam and the way he doesn't let society's opinion affect his style of doing things. Every time Emeline criticizes him about his moccasins and he ignores her, I'm like way to go Sam! He's true to his feelings and wants everyone else to be true too. Honestly, I don't think Emeline deserved Sam. I liked the way Elizabeth Hoyt weaved the short tale Iron Heart in the beginning of each chapter in To Taste Temptation. It made the book more enjoyable to read and relatable. ohdamnbooks: to taste temptation