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Unbreakable - Elizabeth Norris You can win a SIGNED copy of Unbreakable on my blog here. Contest is open internationally. Ends July 1st. My Rating: 4.0 Why Elizabeth Norris, why?! When I heard that Unraveling and Unbreakable was a two book series, I was in shock. I thought it would be a trilogy like so many other young adult books out there. I thought that I would have an additional book to read about, obsess over Janelle and Ben together some more, and be able to treasure another book I would be sure to love. I also thought I would have another awesome cover to look at. But I thought wrong. My biggest worry before starting Unbreakable was the fact that I didn't remember anything from Unraveling besides Janelle and Ben since I read and bought Unraveling the day it came out a year ago. Thank goodness Amber wrote an excellent recap of Unraveling for everyone to use; otherwise, I would have been totally lost while I was reading Unbreakable thinking, wait, who is this again? and wait what had happened?! Janelle is as strong as ever. It has been less than a year since everything had happened and she's surviving, toughing it out, and trying to live on without Ben in her life. I really admire all she goes through; if I was her, I would have broken down, curl into a tight ball, and cry all day, sobbing leave me alone! I don't want this! But no, Janelle decides to risk her life for her friend and to save other people. "She's so tough, it's frightening. That girl will outlive us all." (331) As for Ben, I'm not liking him as much as I did in Unraveling because of the huge mistake he made. (I mean, how could he?! Janelle didn't make that mistake!) I can't explain any further or it'll be a big spoiler to those who have not read Unbreakable yet, but for those of you who've read the short novella Undone, you might have a clue about what I'm talking about. Maybe. It hurts, it makes my body ache, that he didn't know who I was - or who I wasn't - but I still love him. More than anything. (334) I'm afraid that there isn't much of a mystery going on in Unbreakable. Right from the beginning, I automatically figured out which friend of Janelle's got kidnapped by the human trafficking ring before I even read the book. (It was fairly obvious.) As for who was behind the human trafficking ring, we readers have no idea who is behind the human trafficking ring since Janelle knows nobody involved, having to relay on Barclay on this mission. That means that there are no little clues where we readers could gather and piece together to figure out who is behind the human trafficking ring before the main character does. I can not believe that Elizabeth Norris killed off a character I was starting to like. No. No. No. In Unraveling, she broke my heart by killing people off left and right and now she's doing so again in Unbreakable. I wanted to see that happy ending for that person she killed off! However, I grudgingly do like the fact that Elizabeth Norris isn't afraid to kill anyone off just because readers won't like it. Reading Unbreakable left me with lots of meaningful, and of course, awesome quotes. I'll love to post a lot of them, but most of them contains spoilers, so I'll choose one of them that shows one of the major themes in the book, but would not spoil the book for you, if that makes sense. ...because if the good guys are going to cross that line and torture someone, what is it that separates them from the bad guys? (196) Overall, I am sad to see this series end. This would be the one case that I would not mind if Elizabeth Norris decided to turn the two-book Unraveling series into a trilogy. In fact, I would probably jump up from my chair, cheer in happiness, and dance around the room, all in that order. And last, but not least, I'm sorry if parts of this review doesn't make any sense/sounds funny. This is what I get for writing a review so late at night because I'm sleepy. Effortlessly Reading: UnbreakableEDIT #2 5/2/13That was better than I expected!Review to come.EDIT 10/27/12 OMG THE COVER. IT'S EVEN BETTER THAN UNRAVELING. -fans self- April 2013?! This book can't come out quickly enough. I want more Ben! :D