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It Happened One Autumn (Wallflower Series #2)

It Happened One Autumn - Lisa Kleypas My Rating: 3.5 Lillian Bowman and Marcus Westcliff are my favorite Wallflower couple ever since I read about their cute connection in Mine Till Midnight. However, I was surprised that they disliked each other at first, but that scenario fits them both very well and makes it even more interesting. I adore Lillian. She's not afraid to do what she wants and speak what she thinks no matter the circumstances. However, that horse incident annoyed me a little because she wouldn't admit that she was wrong although she knew it. I love Marcus. He's the guy who never thought he'll fall for anyone, especially someone as headstrong, bold, and improper as Lillian. I love how he uses logic in all situations with his stubborn attitude. I love the speeches of love he makes to Lillian. The one thing I don't approve of is when Westcliff kinda-sorta-maybe took advantage of Lillian when she was drunk. I understood why he couldn't wait until the next day to do it, but isn't it a little too mean to take advantage of her in her state of drunkenness? I still want more Lillian and Marcus. They are one of the most adorable historical romance couple I've ever read about. If only Lisa Kleypas writes more about them in the future...ohdamnbooks: it happened one autumn