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Proof by Seduction (Hqn)

Proof by Seduction - Courtney Milan My Rating: 3.5 What drew me to Proof by Seduction was the breathtaking cover. What on earth could the book be about? the cover made me wonder. Since I was looking for more historical romances to read, I decided to give this book a try. Proof by Seduction is a heartbreaking, breathtaking, story about two people out to find the truth about themselves, but they do not know it. Courtney Milan made me deeply connect with the characters, especially Jenny. When she was hurting, I'm hurting for her. When she's lonely, I'm lonely. I understood what she thinks and what she wants from life. I even wanted a lot of justice for her. The ending was perfect, perfect, perfect. I loved how Jenny didn't accept any of Gareth's gifts and how she stood up for herself. Yes, don't ever let any guy tell you that you're less than his equal. Stand up for yourself. And if he wants to come back to you? Well, he must do some major begging like how Gareth did. And the grinning helplessly part at the end? That just made my day. ohdamnbooks: proof of seduction