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Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard My Rating: 3.5 Ever since I enjoyed Linda Howard's Blair Mallory series, I decided to indulge myself with more of her books, and Mr. Perfect sounded perfect. Something that every girl wants - that started out as a harmless joke - that turns so bad that someone actually got murdered for it sounds good to me. Linda Howard sure knows how to keep me guessing. Readers knew who the murderer would be from the start - she makes it quite obvious. However, during the book, the four women didn't even know the murderer, but they are supposed to (since no signs of forced entry, blah blah blah). It wasn't until near the very end, when the murderer killed (the second women) that we knew why, and boy, was it a surprise. (Corin is Leah who is also a woman? Say what?!) The amount of romance was cute and perfect. I'm glad Jaine got her happy ending with Sam (who would have ever thought he was a police officer from her first impression?), although they together and married a little too quick. If T.J. and Galen also had never made up, I would be furious. I'm sad that several things would never be resolved though. (Brick really loved Marci, despite what Marci thought. For him never to see her again nor for her to realize that saddens me. And why must Luna get killed when she finally got her love life in order?!) I'm having a hard time trying to picture how the four women's list got so popular though. I know everyone has their own "Mr. Perfect" list, so why should theirs be so popular when every women has their own? For their list to be so over-hyped to even appear on television and for reporters to show up on their front doorsteps seems too unbelievable for me. I would definitely check out Linda Howard's other books in the future. Her books are fluffy, food, and simply brain candy. ohdamnbooks: mr. perfect