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Unspoken (Lynburn Legacy Series #1)

Unspoken - Sarah Rees Brennan My Rating: 2.0 Looking at all the reviews written about Unspoken online, it seems like I'm part of the minority opinion, again. First Shadow and Bone (because of how easily I can predict every plot twist and see it actually happen), and now this. While other people go on and on about how amazing Unspoken was, I'm here, alone, thinking, am I missing something? It also leads me to think - is something wrong with me? My first issue with Unspoken was that Sarah Rees Brennan's writing made it very hard to connect with the characters. Unspoken is written from the third person point of view when I felt that it could do a lot better if it was written from the first person point of view, mainly Kami's. I couldn't connect with Kami at all - I was just following along with her story. The thing about Kami though was that she really annoyed me when she constantly brought up about how unattractive she was compared to her two gorgeous friends. It's like hello, be glad of your mixed Asian heritage! I wish I was of mixed heritage! Be glad you are and just accept it with a smile! People also describe Kami as "witty" and love her because of her wittiness, but I found none of her jokes or sentences funny and I'm not that hard to please. None of the other characters really interested me except for Angela because I never met a real live person like her, someone who always expects the worse of people and just generally hates them. However, I can't really say I like Angela either because sometimes, her attitude annoyed me to no end, although it was entertaining to read.I think the main problem with Unspoken is that the entire plot takes too long to develop. About one-hundred and fifty pages in Unspoken could be easily deleted. Most of the book is focused on Kami and Jared's relationship, which is understandable, but just doesn't appeal to me. I don't get how they can't stand to touch each other when they have been together for years in mind and knows everything about the other person. It just doesn't make sense - shouldn't you be glad that the faithful friend that was always on your side was real? I would be happy to gain a loyal friend that turned out to be real and not my imagination. Don't get me wrong - I really loved Unspoken's concept. It's just Unspoken isn't the book for me, although I really don't know why. ohdamnbooks: unspoken