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Reflected in You (Crossfire Trilogy Series #2)

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day My Rating: 3.5 After reading Bared to You and liking it a lot better than Fifty Shades of Grey (because of the way Bared to You was written unlike E.L. James who wrote like a 5th grader), I was looking forward to reading Reflected in You a lot. However, it was like a repeat of Bared to You all over again, except for the ending. There are two main complaints I have with Reflected in You. My first complaint is that most of the book is the same as Bared to You: fighting, mind games, jealousy, and of course, sex. Only this time, a little speck of therapy was added, not that it really helped any. My second complaint is why are Eva and Gideon constantly breaking up? It's so obvious that they will end up together. I've already had enough of their breaking up issues in Bared to You, but for it to continue on in Reflected in You is just plain annoying (and a bit of torture I'll have to admit). Okay, maybe I also have a third complaint. Why is Gideon still keeping a lot of secrets from Eva? He doesn't trust Eva with his darkest secret until the very very end, and by then, I was just disappointed in him. He knew and saw all of Eva's darkest secrets, but couldn't bring himself to share his. Maybe I'll see why in the next book (rumors are Entwined with You is written in Gideon's point of view). The ending of Reflected in You really surprised me, although I was suspecting the reveal (the only way I can put it without any spoilers). It managed to make my jaw drop and realize how strong Eva and Gideon's love is. However, I'm sure that eventually, there would be some serious consequences to pay. I'm sort of happy that Entwined with You's published date is pushed back to May 7th instead of being published the New Year's for two mains reasons. One, Sylvia Day can use that extra time to make her book significantly and hopefully a lot better than Reflected in You, and two, there are simply too much books for me to read right now.ohdamnbooks: reflected in you