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The Goddess Inheritance

The Goddess Inheritance - Aimee Carter My Rating: 2.5 I've been waiting to read The Goddess Inheritance ever since I've finished reading Goddess Interrupted last year. Goddess Interrupted left off with a cruel cliffhanger - Kate was pregnant with Henry's child and is in the mercy of both Calliope and Cronus. I hoped this epic ending to the Goddess Test series would make me laugh, cry, and even panic, especially since The Goddess Inheritance is one of my most anticipated 2013 reads. However, The Goddess Inheritance was anything but that. It lacked everything I thought it ought to be.My main complaint about The Goddess Inheritance is that the book is so anti-climatic. Nothing in the book left me on the edge of my seat like I expected; nothing kept me wide awake, worrying for the characters. Nothing kept me invested in the characters, hoping they would survive. They could all die for all I care.The battle scenes was also poorly done. Everything was resolved in a few pages and it was lacking the action and the charisma that makes me cheer for a certain character or team. All I was thinking while I was reading the fighting scenes was someone win already and get this all over with! After that, everything was simply too easy.I think I'm the only one who've read The Goddess Inheritance that didn't find Kate annoying because my anger was focused on another character right from the start: Ava. I couldn't stand her after realizing what she did. I don't get it when Kate talked about forgiveness. Sure everything wasn't entirely Ava's fault, but she chose to do what she did anyway.I am also not satisfied with the ending. Aimee Carter managed to avoid answering the one question I wanted answered ever since I reached the middle of the book. I can't say what my question is because it'll be a huge spoiler, but all I can say is that I'm sad Aimee Carter took the easy way out with this.Overall, The Goddess Inheritance is such a disappointing ending to a series I enjoyed reading. After reading Goddess Interrupted with that epic cliffhanger, I was expecting so much more, but didn't get it. I won't say that my expectations ruined The Goddess Inheritance since I didn't know what to expect, but I definitely expected to get something a lot better than what I actually got.As for whether or not I'll check out Aimee Carter's future series, I'm not sure yet, but so far, the answer as of now is a resounding no. The excerpt of her new series wasn't that good and didn't pull me in. I also don't want any more disappointments, if you know what I mean.Effortlessly Reading: The Goddess Inhertiance