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Beautiful Disaster (Beautiful, #1) - Jamie McGuire My Rating: 1.0 Obtained By: Netgalley Beautiful Disaster was such a disaster in good ways and bad ways. Seriously. I loved some parts that I was reading so much that I was reading Beautiful Disaster while shopping in the supermarket with my friend (yes, I was being incredibly rude) and couldn't help but be incredibly annoyed at other parts and want to throw my ebook reader across the room and lose four hundred dollars because of it. The bad author behavior that came along with Beautiful Disaster didn't really help either. I loved the beginning hundred pages of Beautiful Disaster. It was perfectly fine - I loved Abby and America's friendship, Travis (although I find the girls constantly throwing themselves at him a little too exaggerated), and the whole "maintaining friendship system" since I know how it'll end up working out in the end - until Abby ignored her very obvious mutual feelings for Travis for fifty or so pages. It got so annoying; Abby denies her feelings constantly while Travis pants around for her like a whipped dog that can't survive if she isn't there around him. Flash forward tons of pages and they finally get together. Hooray! I think. Like finally. Sadly, this is when Beautiful Disaster becomes unreal. I mean, what kind of school will see someone beat up another person into a bloody pulp, just lying there on the floor, without calling the authorities? And more than once? Man, I hope the college I'm attending won't be like that. I also can't believe how easily Abby forgave Travis (for slutting with Megan right after they broke up). Seriously? If I was Abby, I'll never forgive him, even if I love him so much. I understand that he was in pain, but what makes you say that he wouldn't do that again? And to have sex with him at the "closure" stage? What the hell? And oh my god! Dun dun dun! The unbelievable ending? Seriously? Since I doubt you'll mind this unbelievable spoiler, I'll tell you straight up: Abby and Travis got married at nineteen! Nineteen! Getting each other's name tattooed on your body I can understand since they are crazy young adults after all. But marriage? At nineteen?! They can't even wait? And why is Abby's nickname Pigeon exactly? Does she look like one? I mean, I get what the author, Jamie McGuire is saying when she says everyone deserves love and all, even the "messed up people", but does that explain why the authorities don't come and arrest Travis for beating up a jock in front of the entire cafeteria? No. Have you ever seen every single girl throwing themselves desperately at a guy when they know from any other girl out there that all he wants to do is fuck, then leave? Hell no. I have to give major kudos to Jamie McGuire though. Despite the many wrongs in Beautiful Disaster, her book just made me continously want to read more. Maybe it's the never ending angst without sounding too angsty, maybe it's all the drama, or maybe it's just her writing. I will definitely be giving Walking Disaster a try though. I want to see into Travis' wild mind. How I rated Beautiful Disaster: Original Rating: 3.0/5.0 Factoring Components: 3.0 [Original Rating] - 1.0 [Bad Author Behavior] - 1.0 [Really unrealistic or "bad influence" as my dad will say] + 1.0 [Addicting] = 2.0 Official & Final Rating: 2.0/5.0 ohdamnbooks: beautiful disaster